Development of Public Internal Financial Control in the Republic of Croatia
The Project
Texts founders
PIFC in Croatia


Office of the project:

Ministary of Finance
Katančićeva 5
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia (click for the map)

Martine Thouet ,
Team leader

fax. 4921-139

Iva Gospodarić, assistant 4591-048
Boris Bjedov, IA local expert 4591-026
Tihomir Grbić, IA local expert 4591-049
David Donaldson, FMC key expert 4591-049 Ljerka Linzbauer ,
Assistant minister 4591-306
fax. 4591-473

Ivan Kurjan, Head of Unit 4591-071

Dubravka Lukić, coordinator 4591-366

Katarina Šnobl, coordinatior 4591-244
Vlado Radman, coordinator 4591-069
Larisa Vukoja, coordinator 4591-039
Gordana Parać, Head of Unit 4591-243
Davor Kozina, coordinator 4591-285
Gordana Vojnović, coordinator 4591-041
Dubravka Rašić, coordinator 4591-041
Marijana Lemo, secretary 4591-306

Updated 11/28/2006
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