Development of Public Internal Financial Control in the Republic of Croatia
The Project
Texts founders
PIFC in Croatia

 PIFC in Croatia


 Internal Audit
  - Book of Rules
  - Internal Auditors Code of Ethics
  - Charter of Internal Auditors
  - Internal Audit Manual
  - Training and Certification Scheme
  - Public sector internal auditors annual seminars
  - Workshops/other modules
  - List of Internal Auditors
  - Croatian Institute of Internal Auditors (Croatian only)

 Financial Management and Control (FMC) ->currently only in Croatian
  - FMC legal framework
  - Managerial accountability
  - Internal control components
  - Role of CHU
  - Traininig
  - Implementation of FMC- activities
  - Reporting
  - Common questions/answers

 Central Harmonisation Unit (CHU)
 Internal Audit Council
King Tomislav (?-928)................................

Updated 11/21/2006
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